Room For Additional Campers in our Youth and Teen Sessions

A reminder that we have just a few spaces left for young blind and visually impaired campers in our Youth and Teen sessions as well as our Blind Music Academy.

Kids Session: July 14 to July 20
Teen Session: July 27 to August 2
Music Academy: August 3 to August 9

For more information, please contact Taccarra Burrell at

Our Campers Would Truly Appreciate the Following Items on our Wish List

If you’re doing a spring/summer cleaning and ready to clear out your home or garage of unwanted, usable items, we may have a use for them at Enchanted Hills. We could even use your unused coffee mugs.

Examples of the new and gently used donations we could use at Enchanted Hills:

– Arrows
– Art Supplies
– Coffee Mugs
– Dressers and Armoires
– Electric Hand Sander
– First Aid Kits
– Garden Tools such as clippers, rakes, shovels, trowels, weeding tools
– Gazebo
– LED Lanterns
– Musical Instruments
– Nice Bath Towels
– Old West Memorabilia such as wagon wheels, old farm equipment, antique lamps and kitchen equipment or old photos of Napa
– Outdoor furniture (chairs, tables)
– Picnic Tables/Shade Covering
– Pool Toys
– Recycling Containers (Industry Grade)
– Riding Mower
– Saddles
– Small or Large Refrigerator
– Solar Gardening Lights
– Strong Bristle Door Mats
– Tandem Bikes
– Water Bottles (Reusable)
– Wood Stoves
– Yoga Balls
– Yoga Mats

If you’d like to donate or need additional information, contact Enchanted Hill Camp Director Tony Fletcher 415-694-7319 or

Happy youth campers from last year pose with staff