The EHC Summer 2023 Staff pose together at a picnic table at Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa

2024 Enchanted Hills Camp Counselor-in-Training and Leadership Development Program

The Enchanted Hills Camp (EHC) Counselor-in-Training and Leadership Development Program is designed to nurture blind and low vision leaders through immersive soft-skills development and career exploration. Participants engage in discussions, role-playing, and hands-on practice under the guidance of LightHouse staff during the Summer Camp programs at EHC. By the program’s end, participants gain enhanced self-advocacy skills, social competence, and independence, better equipping them for future transitions and educational endeavors. Additionally, the program fosters essential soft skills, a strong work ethic, and leadership qualities crucial for future employment and peer interaction.
This year’s program comprises two parts. The first week focuses on Leadership Development and Staff Training, featuring job readiness exercises and activities emphasizing leadership, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, time management and conflict resolution skills. The subsequent weeks involve participants serving as Counselors-in-Training (CITs) during the Summer Camp sessions, with opportunities to apply newly acquired skills under the supervision of camp staff. Throughout the program, CITs engage in discussions with blind/low vision leaders and successful professionals, exploring career opportunities, blindness philosophy, and life skills pertinent to their transition to adulthood.

The 2024 Camp Counselor-in-Training and Leadership Development Program at EHC caters to teenagers aged 16-18 who are blind or have low vision and are committed to enhancing their leadership abilities in a camp environment. Prospective participants undergo an application process, including completing LightHouse’s student intake form, participating in an interview, and demonstrating full commitment to the program. Individuals with varying camping experiences or an interest in social and recreational work professions are encouraged to apply.

Participant Outcomes

  • Through structured practice, self-reflection, and guidance from staff, participants will achieve:
  • Leadership skills applicable across various life domains and employment contexts.
  • A strong work ethic and proficiency in conflict resolution and problem-solving.
  • A positive attitude towards blindness and effective self-advocacy skills.
  • Enhanced readiness for transition services and postsecondary education options.

Program Content:

  • Participation in both Staff Training and Leadership Development Program (Monday, June 17 to Saturday, June 22) and Counselor-in-Training Youth Session Practicum (Monday, July 15 to Saturday, July 27).
  • 40 hours of group Workplace Readiness Training focusing on social and independent living skills essential for success as a counselor-in-training.
  • 5 hours of group Instruction in Self-Advocacy Skills to empower participants in educational, workplace, and community settings.
  • Job coaching and pre-employment transition skills discussions to support career goals and self-advocacy.
  • Adjustment to blindness training during the Teen Session of EHC for the development of critical social and independent living skills.

Application and Selection Process

Prospective participants must email their interest to, including responses to specific questions regarding their motivation, qualifications, and distinguishing qualities for the program. LightHouse staff will then coordinate interviews and evaluations, including Living Skills and/or Orientation and Mobility assessments, if necessary. New students to LightHouse services must complete the student intake form and registration process before consideration.

For further information about the 2024 EHC Camp Counselor-in-Training and Leadership Development Program, contact Jamey Gump via e

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