A diverse group of smiling adults stands outside the Enchanted Hills Camp and Retreat cabins, some with white canes, others with dark glasses.

Our Vision, Our Mission, and Our Values

Our Vision

A world where blind and low vision people flourish.

Our Mission

To promote independence, community, and equity created by and with blind and low vision people.

A room full of seated and standing attendees applaud at LightHouse Day 2023.

Our Values

Blindness Positivity:
We take pride in our ability to navigate our lives as blind and low vision people.

Disability Justice:
We recognize the inherent worth of every person and commit to advancing equity and interdependency.

Family walking outside
Mom, Dad, outside smiling and walking on a sunny day with their daughters: one child is in a stroller; two sisters are walking next to Mom and Dad.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to belong and live to their full potential, encompassing their identities, backgrounds, and abilities.

We provide the highest-quality services and products and we continuously learn, improve, and innovate.

Blind employees work on the assembly line at LightHouse Sirkin Center in Alameda
A LightHouse Eco employee wearing safety gear packs Skilcraft pump spray packs into boxes for shipping.

We encourage self-determination, independence, and autonomy.

We make efforts to understand one another and we treat every person with dignity and respect.

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