Collage of LightHouse Volunteers
Image description: A grid of pictures, in the corners are four volunteers wearing a LightHouse volunteer mask. Upper left is Gaurav, upper right is Carol, bottom left is Xenia, and bottom right is Abby. In the top center, volunteer Betsy looking at an animal pelt with student Sean. In the bottom center, volunteer Aisha smiles with student Amber, who is holding up her ballot.


Volunteer at LightHouse!

Volunteers are essential to the success of our organization. We welcome volunteers who have a positive philosophy on blindness, a willingness to learn, and a desire to further LightHouse’s mission. Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

As we navigate into a post-COVID-19 world, our volunteer roles will continue to provide critical support to LightHouse students, staff, and the community. LightHouse volunteer positions will continue to include both in-person and remote opportunities.

Ways to Volunteer

Personal Service Volunteer (PSV)

As a Personal Service Volunteer, you would be paired with a blind community member and meet with them one-on-one to chat or support them with tasks, either in-person or by phone. The types of support as a PSV include:

  • Sighted task support: Help with various tasks where having a sighted volunteer would make life a little more accessible. Support by reading mail, completing documents, grocery support, and more.
  • Friendly visitor: Be a friendly visitor for an isolated blind adult by forming a strong relationship and just chatting. You can meet with folks weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and will get to choose the frequency when you pick who you would like to work with.

Note: In order to be a Personal Service Volunteer, you must complete a background check.

Fitness Partner

Do you like getting outside, getting your heart rate up, or just generally staying healthy? This is the role for you! Fitness Partners work with blind or low vision individuals who want to lead healthy lives, whether it’s as a running partner, hiking partner, or half of a tandem cycling team. All fitness levels are welcome!

Programs and Events Volunteer

We offer programs and events throughout the year, many of which need volunteers to support! We need volunteers at events like Select the Right Tech, Pride, yoga workshops, fundraisers, and more. Program and Event volunteers are flexible, enjoy working with people, and willing to help with logistics like setting up food or packing up supplies.

LightHouse Agency Volunteer

Help support LightHouse by providing administrative support for various LightHouse departments. This might include making calls to our community to administer surveys, data entry and organization, voice recording, and more.

Enchanted Hills Camp Volunteer

During the summer, Enchanted Hills Camp (EHC) is a bustling campus filled with blind campers doing everything from immersive arts and educational classes, to music academy, horseback riding, and archery. Summer volunteers at EHC typically exhibit lots of energy and passion for the outdoors, recreation, learning, and a high level of ability to work alongside children, adults, and individuals with developmental disabilities. Outside of the summer months, EHC stays busy with immersive blindness trainings, programs, and retreat groups for participants of all ages.

Twice a year, we invite volunteers to join us EHC Community Volunteer Days, where volunteers provide critical support in maintaining our 311 acre campus. Volunteers do everything from removing invasive plant species to fire abatement to painting facilities.

How to Become a LightHouse Volunteer

To get started:

  1. Complete our volunteer sign up form.
  2. Attend a volunteer orientation. All volunteer orientations will be held on Zoom until further notice and will be held every other month.
  3. Complete a background check if required.
  4. Start volunteering!

Sign Up to Volunteer

Additional Questions?

If you have any other questions or need to contact us, please email or call 415–694–7638.

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