A closeup of a someone's hands as they read a Braille Apple Manual.

Transcription services

Our transcription team takes original copy and translates it into accessible formats, including braille, large print and audio, to help you provide information to your customers in the format they need.


Turn your information and communications into braille—from brochures, menus, manuals and business cards, to visitor information, maps and diagrams.


Provide your communications in audio, either in synthetic or real voice, using professional narrators. Choose from a variety of digital audio formats.

Large print

If a customer has some vision but struggles to read regular-sized print, then large print (approx. 16 to 18 point size) may be the answer. We can also combine Braille and Large print in the same document to accommodate readers with a range of vision.

Get in touch

To find out how we can enrich your customer experience through our transcriptions services tell us about your project through our contact form.

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