TMAP: Tactile Maps Automated Production

detail of tactile map showing embossed street lines over black ink lines, braille and print labels for 8th and 9th streets.

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Tactile Maps Automated Production (TMAP) is a web app that quickly creates maps accessible to blind people, offering increased access to information; improved spatial reasoning and Orientation & Mobility skills; and ultimately, greater independence and equality.

Order from or call 1-888-400-8933.

Go to TMAP to sign up for an account to make your own tactile maps.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use TMAP to Make Maps

Printing Instructions

Reading Tactile Maps

Download Introduction to TMAP page (Comes with maps purchased from Adaptations)

Learn more about TMAP

Recent Presentations: LightHouse webinar – Building Environmental Literacy at a Distance, March 2021; At Home With APH: TMAP – Building Environmental Literacy at a Distance, July 2020; Mobility Matters 2020 Slides, Mobility Matters 2020 Video Presentation.

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