Adult Programs at LightHouse: Empower, Connect, Enjoy

At LightHouse, we’re dedicated to enriching adult lives through a variety of programs tailored to meet diverse interests and needs. Our offerings are more than just activities; they’re gateways to independence, community, equity, and joy.

Monthly Adult Programs Guide

Download the guide to February Adult Programs at LightHouse (Word document)

The Arts & Entertainment: Immerse in culture with museum visits and audio described and haptic live theater experiences. Unleash creativity in arts and crafts sessions. Enjoy a variety of engaging activities including BINGO, live music, and enlightening author talks.

Health and Wellness: Find inner peace and balance through our meditation and Tai Chi classes. Participate in Gratitude Workshops that nurture positivity and well-being. Join our peer-led support groups for shared experiences and support.

Empowerment: Develop communication and leadership skills at our Toastmasters and Writers Lane Workshops.

Networking: Connect with peers and professionals in our ‘30% and Growing’ employment networking events.

Embark on this journey with us at 1155 Market Street or connect online. Be part of a community that values and celebrates each individual’s unique strengths.

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