Employment Opportunity – Peer Counselor

POSITION TITLE: Peer Counselor

DEPARTMENT: Mental Health Services

REPORT TO: Program Director


Bay Area Community Services is a non-profit, community-based agency serving Alameda County by providing a comprehensive array of mental health and older adult services.


The Peer Counselor provides engaging peer support in a self help format to adults exiting the mental health system. The Peer Counselor uses their personal experiences as they see fit to coach individuals into the community.


  1. Provide mentoring (responsibility modeling) and shared experience counseling to members supported by their previous personal lived experience.
  2. Facilitate peer wellness, education and advocacy/educational classes and workshops supported by previous personal lived experience.
  3. Provide Orientation to self-help resources from the perspective of a consumer in the behavioral health care system to program members based on recovery and wellness principles.
  4. Promote a safe and healthy environment within the program and support transition and exit from the Behavioral Health Care System based on personal lived experience.
  5. Work in collaboration with staff (interns, community service providers and volunteers) by providing insight and knowledge of what it means to be a consumer through their lived experiences.
  6. Document outpatient individual and classroom activities through Clinicians Gateway.
  7. Provide community based skills such as travel training, trips to the benefit office, etc.
  8. Other duties as assigned.
  2. An individual with lived experience present/past services in the public mental health system
  3. Graduate of a peer training program such as Best Now required.
  4. Ability to motivate and inspire by offering consumer related support.
  5. Ability to work in culturally diverse and sensitive group settings.
  6. Ability to maintain boundaries in a consumer to consumer based relationship.
  7. Interpersonal verbal and written communication skills.
  8. Basic computer skills and ability to type 25 words per minute
  9. Personal knowledgeable of Alameda County System of Care resources and programs.

IV.      CLASSIFICATION: Part Time to Full Time, Non-Exempt, Hourly

  1. VI. COMPENSATION: Wage Commensurate with background and experience.

Benefits for Full Time staff: Fully paid medical, dental, vision and life insurance; 10 days of vacation leave, 12 sick days, 2.5 days personal leave, 10 holidays.

Benefits for Part Time staff scheduled for a minimum of 20 hours/week: Partially paid medical insurance, full paid dental, vision and life insurance. Pro-rated vacation, sick, personal holiday leave.

Benefits, other than legislated benefits, do not accrue to part time positions scheduled for less than 20 hours each week.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Send resume and cover letter to:

Human Resources

Bay Area Community Services

1814 Franklin Street, 4th floor

Oakland CA 94612

Email: bacshr@bayareacs.org

Fax: 510-569-4589


2 thoughts on “Employment Opportunity – Peer Counselor”

  1. Hello, I’m am trying to find out when the next Best Now training is being offered. I just sent an e-mail to the organization. I am interested in the part-time position and I’m a mental health consumer who has had to advocate for myself and my husband. We are dual-diagnosed. Can you tell me if it is okay to submit my application while I’m waiting to find a training course that will full-fill your requirements. I can get an excellent referral from Dr. Love at Lifelong Medical.

    1. Hi Jill,

      Please contact the Light House during normal business hours at (415) 431-1481. Please ask for Kate Williams. She will be able to get you more info on training.

      The positions posted on the web can be applied to at any time. Please read the posting and refer to the contact organization to apply. The posting is only for reference.



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