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Help Build New Programs for the Year Ahead

Help Build New Programs for the Year Ahead

At LightHouse, we’re always dreaming up new recreational and educational programming to offer to our students — right now it’s yoga, qi gong, cooking classes, health workshops, guest speakers, bingo and even game nights.

In the coming year, we want to give the community a chance to  weigh in on programs, so we’ve put together a survey to collect your input so we can continue to design fun and engaging programs that you’ll feel compelled to attend.

Fill out this two-question survey here or in the scroll box below by September 20th and be entered in a drawing to win a Chipotle gift certificate for lunch for two. We value your time and input!

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Take our Survey to Help Us Build a Better LightHouse

Two LightHouse studios smile as they work on a pottery project

LightHouse is conducting a survey and we need your help. This short satisfaction survey will help us gauge our successes, and design programming around our students’ needs and desires. Additionally, the survey is important to current and future funders.

If you participated in programming over the last six months, or wanted to participate but weren’t able to, please fill out our quick online survey by clicking here.