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Help Build New Programs for the Year Ahead

Help Build New Programs for the Year Ahead

At LightHouse, we’re always dreaming up new recreational and educational programming to offer to our students — right now it’s yoga, qi gong, cooking classes, health workshops, guest speakers, bingo and even game nights.

In the coming year, we want to give the community a chance to  weigh in on programs, so we’ve put together a survey to collect your input so we can continue to design fun and engaging programs that you’ll feel compelled to attend.

Fill out this two-question survey here or in the scroll box below by September 20th and be entered in a drawing to win a Chipotle gift certificate for lunch for two. We value your time and input!

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Survey on Sidewalk Features Used to Improve Accessibility

Please take ten minutes before November 27 to fill out a survey that will help UC Berkeley students design sidewalks.

Excerpted from the survey:

We are landscape architecture graduate students at UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design. We are conducting research on preferences for the look and feel of sidewalk features that are used to improve accessibility for all pedestrians.

We are comparing patterns of preference for five (5) specific features, including the range of forms they take. Specifically:

  • Curb Extensions (bulb-outs)
  • Paving Materials
  • Planter Edges
  • Tree Grates
  • Truncated Domes

The survey can be taken online here.

Participate in Research Concerning Social Security Administration Disability Determination Policy

Doron Dorfman, a graduate law student at Stanford Law School, is researching disability policy with the goal of improving service for benefits claimants.

He is developing a project on Disability Law and Disability Studies focusing on the perceptions, experiences and attitudes of people with disabilities towards the Social Security Administration’s Disability Determination Process (DDS) on business security.

Doron is looking for a wide array of subjects from the California Bay Area, who went through the hearing stage of the DDS procedure and would be willing to be interviewed in person; he will keep interviewees’ identity completely anonymous. If you think you are eligible and are willing to participate please contact him at ddorfman@stanford.edu or 650-4229086.

Survey Participants Needed By June 25

SimBio makes simulation-based software for teaching biology to college students. A project funded by the National Science Foundation is currently underway to make biology labs more accessible to blind and low-vision students.

SimBio needs your help and this is what they have to say about the project:

The first part of the project is researching whether an Audible Graph – a graph that uses sounds rather than lines – can be effective for interpreting data from simulations. As we find ways to make such graphs effective, we will publicize the results so that future educational simulations can use Audible Graphs to be more accessible.

Our first step is an audible survey asking participants to interpret different graphs, using different types of sounds. We need several hundred people to help us by taking the survey by June 25. We are especially interested in having blind and low-vision college students take the survey, but welcome participation from everyone. If you have 20 minutes, we would greatly appreciate your taking this anonymous survey found here.

We are hopeful that this will contribute to improving accessibility in science education tools. Feel free to tell your friends about this project.

The SimBio Audible Graph team

Mobile Accessibility Survey

The Paciello Group (TPG) is carrying out a mobile accessibility survey which will be available until the end of January 2013. The survey is a simple 15 question survey that takes just a few moments to complete. Input is being sought from people with disabilities or people using assistive technologies on a mobile device.

Mobile technology is a new and thriving frontier for accessibility. Seasoned accessibility professionals are anxious to help mobile developers deliver accessible experiences. More information is needed to understand both usage patterns and hardware/software platforms, to guide decisions to meet the needs of people with disabilities who use mobile devices.

This survey has been created in an effort to start gathering this data. Tabulated findings will be publicly available to help mobile authors and accessibility professionals better serve the mobile accessibility community. A few moments of your time today will help developers make better informed choices as we move forward.

Take the survey here.