30% & Growing Goes Virtual: Food Gratitude and People

30% & Growing Goes Virtual: Food Gratitude and People

Nov 19

Your go-to network of blind worker bees is back—join your 30% crew for this important virtual Happy Hour to reconnect and share resources and best practices at a time when everyone’s work life is upside down. Are you essential staff? Are you working from home? What resources and strategies have supported you through these rapidly changing times? How can you keep your job search active? What’s keeping your spirits and energy up?

30% & Growing Goes Virtual: Food, Gratitude, & People
Thursday, November 19, 6-8 PM PST
Halloween has passed and we are soaking in the reality of a holiday season like we’ve never experienced before. Thanksgiving is personally my favorite holiday of the year, as it is all about 3 of my favorite things: food, gratitude, & people. We’ll talk turkey, traditions, and travel, and generate those good vibes that will propel us all through this unusual time. RSVP to Adult Program Manager Serena Olsen at solsen@lighthouse-sf.org or 415-694-7316.

For Zoom access info, RSVP to Serena Olsen at solsen@lighthouse-sf.org  or 415-694-7316, then grab a bite to eat, your favorite beverage, and join the virtual networking party.

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