Getting to Know You: Make an Inquiry

Mom and young daughter smiling while playing together in the swimming pool.

LightHouse Little Learners Early Childhood Program welcomes inquiries from:

  • Parents and other family members
  • Regional Centers
  • Local Education Agency (LEA)
  • Medical or education professionals
  • Discharge nurses and social workers
  • Community agencies
  • Therapists

Make an Inquiry

For more information about LightHouse Little Learners Program, serving families of young children birth to three years of age who are blind, deafblind, have low vision or neurological visual impairment or whose developmental delays include blindness or low vision, please contact:

LightHouse San Francisco Headquarters:
Phone: 415-694-7657
FAX: 415-863-7568
Video Phone: 415-255-5906

Make an Inquiry

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