A new structure at EHC with external wood paneling, large windows, and is surrounded by redwood trees and newly paved paths

An Enchanted Update from EHC!

A new structure at EHC with external wood paneling, large windows, and is surrounded by redwood trees and newly paved paths

After an incredibly productive autumn and a peaceful holiday break, our friends at Wright Construction have made their way back up Mt. Veeder Road as our re-building and re-imagination projects at Enchanted Hills Camp continue. We are thrilled to share with our beloved EHC Community the progress we’ve made up at camp and what new, beautiful and accessible features our campers can look forward to experiencing this summer.
After breaking ground on the new Redwood Grove in November, we are excited to report the speed and grace at which this project is moving along—thanks in large part to all our generous donors at the LightHouse Gala who raised their paddles to contribute to the execution of this breathe-taking space. We can’t wait until these gorgeous redwood benches are filled with happy campers sharing lifelong memories together!

Our family cabins are nearly finished! Accessibility and innovative creativity can be found in every nook and cranny of these home away from homes. We can’t wait to welcome families in to explore and enjoy a cozy stay in these new little cottages!

Our campers aren’t the only ones with new and improved spaces to explore. Staff Commons is awaiting summer counselors to inhabit this beautiful new structure! For those interested in working at Enchanted Hills Camp this summer, be on the lookout for job postings and details in the coming months.

From the freshly paved roads to newly cut trails, our sparking pool and ponds to cozy evening retreats, to our structures built for group gatherings and friendship forming, we are proud of every inch of this incredible 311 acre space. The thoughtful architects at Perkins & Will have put their hearts and souls into creating a fully accessible space for blind and low vision patrons that is as beautiful as it is functional.
“We’re not creating forms and shapes for the sake of aesthetics alone. Rather, we’re thinking about straightforward navigability,” says Helen Schneider, EHC’s lead architect with Perkins & Will. “A lot of the effort with our master plan is creating cane-detectable paths throughout camp that will provide an accessible route from top to bottom.

“This summer, the anticipation at camp is reaching new heights as we eagerly await utilizing our brand-new and renovated buildings,” says Enchanted Hills Camp Director, Tony Fletcher. “The buzz is not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about the promise of brand-new experiences and a comfortable and accessible atmosphere that these structures will bring. From new cabins, designed for comfort and camaraderie, to new program spaces set to enhance our camp experience. There are new memories and adventures waiting to unfold, making this summer an eagerly awaited chapter in our camp’s history.”
EHC Summer 2024 is just a few months away! This year’s session schedule is posted on the Enchanted Hills Camp website. Be sure to block off your calendars and reserve your spot at our enchanting redwood oasis this summer! Camp registration  is now open.

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