Make Good on Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution with the LightHouse Fitness Partner Program

Image: Two figures ride on a tandem bikeDo you want to get a move on with your 2015 fitness goals? Working with a LightHouse Fitness Partner could help you be your healthiest self yet. Our volunteer Fitness Partners bring with them a wide range of personal health and fitness experience and will work with you to get and keep you moving and active.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go to the gym but could use a gym buddy. We can help match you with that person. Or maybe after reading countless articles on how yoga is good for the heart, body and mind, you’re finally ready to perfect your Sun Salutation. Your next yoga Fitness Partner is in Child Pose waiting for you as we speak. LightHouse Fitness Partners can get you moving in a variety of ways, from tandem bike riding to running, hiking and good ol’ walks around the block.

LightHouse student Isidro C. is an avid bike rider and is currently on the wait list for a Fitness Partner who is interested in tandem biking. He told us, “Bike riding is important to me because it is sometimes the only opportunity for me to be active. It’s a good way for me to stay fit and take in some fresh air once a week.”

Are you interested in volunteering as a Fitness Partner? Our most requested health and fitness activities are walking, running and bike riding at all experience levels.

For all inquiries, contact Justine Harris-Richburgh, Volunteer Engagement Specialist, at or 415-694-7320.