Jim Kracht, EHC camper since 1957, tells what it was like to be a child camper in the early days with Rose Resnick

On June 24, 2014 Lighthouse CEO Bryan Bashin conducted a 40 minute interview with Jim Kracht. Mr. Kracht, now a prominent tax attorney in Florida, was an intrepid young 7-year-old in 1957 when he spent the first of seven summers at Enchanted Hills in Napa. In this thoughtful interview, Mr. Kracht tells what it was like to experience cabin inspections, wholesome recreation and his first taste of physical independence. Nearly 60 years later he is as passionate as ever about the importance of the Enchanted Hills camp for the blind. Mr. Kracht is now conducting active research into the early years of our property and is learning more about its complex and fascinating history.