Flora and Fauna of Mt. Veeder make Enchanted Hills Retreat a Nature-lover’s Haven

Now that the rain has finally begun, Enchanted Hills is glowing in vibrant green. The grass, the moss, even the Redwood trees are pulsating with spring growth. The winding drive up to Enchanted Hills reveals a panoply of greens. Adding to that, the wildflowers are beginning to sprout. Wild rose, lovely ithuriesl’s spear, yellow eyed grass, Douglas iris and a myriad of others are dotting the landscape with their ephemeral color.

The purple flower ithuriesl’s spear

Wildlife varies from the more commonly seen raccoons, wild turkeys, gray squirrels, deer, and foxes to the rarer and more elusive bear, bobcats and mountain lions. A river otter has been known to visit Lokoya Lake to snack on the fish and splash around.

Wild turkeys, woodpeckers, ravens and a variety of song birds can be found at Enchanted Hills. Spotted Owls are known to inhabit some of the Redwood Groves on the mountain.

Do you need a dose of nature and the great outdoors? Get together a group: a family reunion, a church/temple gathering, or a corporate retreat to enjoy the musical creeks and lush landscape of Enchanted Hills. To reserve your retreat of 30 to 120, please call (415) 694-7310 or go to www.enchantedhillsretreat.com.

Author Cecelia Setty Speaks about Mt. Veeder’s History
Last month Author Cecelia Setty spoke about the history of Mt. Veeder and the original Mt. Veeder Resort which is now home to Enchanted Hills.

Listen to a podcast of her fascinating talk.

Cecelia’s book, “The Mount Veeder Resort: A History of Napa County Settlers” is available on Amazon at http://bit.ly/settymountveeder.

Cecelia Setty speaking to an Enchanted audience