New Family Camp for Napa Residents

With support from the Napa Valley Community Foundation we are launching a Napa Resident Family Camp. The Camp will be held in English and Spanish. This educational retreat is the first of its kind in Napa. The Family Retreat’s modules will use team-building exercises – including hiking, communal art projects, adaptive sports and trust exercises. The retreat will pair blind students with charismatic and successful blind mentors; facilitate substantive parent-to parent-time to share resources and experiences; and teach parents to design and advocate for Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for their children. If you or someone you know lives in Napa County and has a blind or low vision child, we hope you will jump at the chance to take part in this unique and high-quality opportunity.

The All Napa Family Camp runs from May 17th- 19th 2013. To get more information or sign-up, contact Tony Fletcher, Enchanted Hills Camp Director at 415-694-7319 or