New NFB-Newsline Job Listings Create Opportunities for Blind Americans

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) recently announced the addition of a revolutionary new feature to NFB-Newsline, the free audible information service for the blind and others who cannot read print due to a physical or learning disability. With this job-listings feature, blind and print-disabled people will be able to easily and independently search for job openings that match their education, skills and interests.

“The addition of this exciting new feature will address a critical need of blind and print-disabled Americans for timely and independent access to job listings,” said Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of the Blind. “The availability of these listings will be of tremendous help in reducing the estimated 70 percent rate of unemployment among this population. Subscribers can search through hundreds of thousands of job listings from all across the country and look for openings in their hometowns.”

With the addition of content from a national job classifieds provider, Newsline subscribers can conduct searches for job openings in dozens of categories such as banking and education, and if desired, can narrow the search to look for certain keywords within the listings. Subscribers can save their searches and request that a particular job listing be sent to them via email; the email will contain the listing as well as a link that will provide a web page with the position’s application form.

NFB-Newsline allows those who cannot read conventional newsprint due to a visual or physical disability to access publications as well as television and job listings over the telephone, on the Web or by download to digital talking book players or MP3-playing devices. To learn more about Newsline, visit