Visually Impaired Parents Group Starting at the LightHouse.

Last week, we blogged about custody issues for blind parents. These problems can arise when hospital staff and child welfare officials bring certain biases about blindness to their interactions with new parents. Being a strong self-advocate is important in facing these societal challenges, but having links to other families and learning from other blind parents is vital.

So, we are thrilled to announce that Laura Rodriguez is starting a blind and low vision parents’ group at the LightHouse! Laura, who has grown up in the LightHouse community, is now the proud mom of one-year old Sam.

As a teen, Laura was an Enchanted Hills camper and she now enjoys going back for Family Camp once a year to connect with other blind parents. However, Laura wants to create a way for families to come together throughout the year.  She feels that a visually impaired parents’ group at the LightHouse will provide a space in which members “won’t feel as though they need to overcompensate” as parents.  Instead, group members can confidently share their own unique strategies and brainstorm around common parenting challenges.

The blind parents’ group at the LightHouse will also double as a play group, of course.  Parents are welcome to bring their children to regular meetings. Plans for off-site gatherings at kid-friendly sites around the Bay Area will be arranged once everyone has had a chance to get acquainted. Because some kid-oriented places are not super accessible to blind visitors, going as a group will be an added help in getting accommodations on-site.

As soon as five parents sign up, meetings can begin at the LightHouse on weekends. Just go to

Parents must become members in order to join the group. If you have questions, contact

Please spread the word about the group to anyone who might be interested. We are really excited to bring more family networks to the LightHouse!