Running into Problems with Math Graphics?

Are your math grades weighing down your GPA? Or maybe, you are a total math nerd and can’t get enough of physics and calculus? As a blind student, math might be hard or it might be your idea of geek chic, but one big problem is: How do you best access scatter plots, Venn diagrams and flow charts in digital talking book format?

If you find yourself heading back to school and dreading or craving more of those math graphics, you could hurry and brush up on the Nemeth Code ( Math Braille, however, is most effective when accompanied by audio.

Learn more about useful ways to access math charts at this link from the National Center for Accessible Media: And then, point your math and VI teachers to it! NCAM has compiled a list of effective ways to render pie charts, equations, line graphs and more into digital talking book format. The list is geared towards those who produce digital talking books, but it can also be helpful for teachers to incorporate these suggestions into their classroom lectures.