Job Opening: Search Agent

Title: Search Agent

Location: Redwood City

ReputationDefender is hiring a Search Agent for the MyReputation service.  The search agent assists in providing customers with information about themselves on the web, can find hard to locate information about people, understands how terms of service violation reports can be made on different websites and understands various internet cultures from the professional to the objectionable.


• Maintain strict adherence to internal and customer    deadlines
• Confidentiality is a must
• Utilize proprietary interface to organize information and input data
• Construct advanced search strings “on-the-fly” to efficiently isolate relevant content and understanding
• Web savviness is required.  Understand website ownership, terms of service and how to contact those sites.
• Maintain open lines of communication with clients and ensure their needs (especially for information) are satisfied
• Demonstrate self-control, poise, patience and  professionalism in difficult client situations
• Be available to be contacted by phone or email or reply quickly.

Desired skills:

* Customer service.
* Excellent written communication.
* Data entry.
* An understanding of various search engines and websites.

Additional languages are a plus.

Salary: full or part time starting $14/hr + (depending on experience and language skills), work from home or in the office.  10-40+ hours per week.

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