Marilee Talkington's performance "Truce", through April 10

Marilee Talkington is a critically acclaimed actor, writer and director who earned her MFA from the American Conservatory Theatre marking her as one of only two legally blind actors in the country to do so.

Her solo show Truce, the story of her vision loss, has been getting fierce notice in the mainstream press and those in the blind/VI community who have attended that I’ve heard from strongly recommend it, indicating that “… it’s a powerful excursion into many issues faced by people becoming blind”. “Marilee captures exquisitely that profound sense of ambivalence, sometimes fear, sometimes loathing,  that is often associated with progressive vision loss.”

“Truce” runs Thursday, April 8, Friday, April 9, and Saturday, April 10,  all shows at 8 p.m. at the NOH SPACE in San Francisco.  You can buy tickets here.

2 thoughts on “Marilee Talkington's performance "Truce", through April 10”

  1. Marilee uses the white cane as this remarkable–sometimes funny, sometimes angry, sometimes sensual –prop in very specific ways. I think it is important for the sighted community AND visually impaired community to see this symbol of vision loss used in so many fluid, inventive ways. Also, all of the action in the play happens behind a gauzy scrim–so for sighted play-goers, the experience is one of blurred vision. Brilliant!

  2. Marilee emailed the LightHouse wanting to get word out that she has extended her run through this weekend (April 9th and 10th).
    She is considering a described performance this Friday, April 9 if enough people are interested.

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