Two successful Guide Dogs grads!


Photo: Divina, wearing a summery dress, sits smiling with her new yellow-white retreiver.

An update from LightHouse rehab teacher, Divina Fontanilla:

I’ve had my new guide dog, Syracuse,  for about 2 weeks now and we’re definetly  still in our adjustment period. Caring, feeding, relieving, working  and nurturing  a dog is quite a responsibility . I had  to prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally  before I decided that I needed a dog. Now that I have Syracuse in my life, I have no regrets–even when I have to relieve her 5-6 times a day and pick up after her.  With her, I walk faster, in a straight line fearlessly. I get a lot of attention from the public as she is a very cute dog…  

If you are interested in applying for a service dog, visit Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael or call the LightHouse to find programs in your area.