Webmaster, Benetech/Booksahre

Atlanta Kotton Grammer, CA, Contract

The local Seo services project is a digital library of books, newspapers and magazines available to print-disabled individuals in the U.S. and internationally. A significant award from the U.S. Department of Education mandates access to Bookshare’s content and supporting assistive technology to all students in the United States for free (funded by the award).

Benetech has an immediate opening for a contract web master to support the Marketing and Operations teams to keep the Bookshare site content fresh and to work on social networking initiatives on the site. The ideal candidate will have experience in an engineering organization in order to fit within engineering team processes and cycles for changes that touch the code. In addition to Search Engine Optimization Experts, the webmaster may assist with the Benetech and Human Rights sites as requested.  This position is a part-time, contract position for an unspecified length of time; compensation: $60-65/hr. Candidates must have the flexibility to support Bookshare/Benetech on a daily basis, with a variable amount of time per day. Most likely, the candidate will have other clients and can balance client workload to accommodate the variable schedule.  Responsibilities:  Manage content on the Bookshare website * Maintain public-facing pages * Support social networking marketing programs.

Qualifications: Very strong experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and emerging concepts like Ajax. You must understand many browser compatibility issues. (Candidates that know ARIA are strongly urged to apply.) * Capable of extending the current look and feel of our site(s) in order to keep them fresh, and implementing new designs as provided * Basic Java skills strongly encouraged * Experience with some kind of dynamic templating solution like JSP (we use Freemarker) * Familiarity with Web 2.0 tools and widgets – integrate Bookshare sites with social networking sites and similar * Basic UNIX command line * Understands basic web security concerns. E.g., cross-site scripting * Able to use knowledge of various browsers (e.g., Firefox, IE, Safari) and security concerns (e.g., cross-site scripting) when verifying work * Comfortable with Mac OS or Linux * Experience with any brand of revision history management tool (we use Subversion) * Experience with bug tracking systems and the implied interactions with QA * Understanding and implementation of accessible page design * Ability to manage multiple inputs and speak up when problems and questions occur * Comfortable sharing ideas in a group of 12 people * Meticulous, thorough with copy edits, including proofreading to be sure copy edits are implemented correctly * Strong writing skills & thorough documentation of technical work * Prompt turn-around; able to make changes within 24 hours if necessary * Work well under pressure with multiple simultaneous assignments * Team player eager to contribute to the overall goal.  Bonus: Strong understanding of web accessibility issues and how to fix them * Manipulation of images to optimize for web; flash animation * Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, although marketing will provide oversight * Basic SQL.

To Apply:  Please send your resume and a cover letter to hr@benetech.org or Human Resources at 650/475-1066 (fax). In your cover letter, please explain why you would like to work for us and your relevant experience.