Abilicorp! A Disability-Focused Staffing Agency

The LightHouse is very excited to announce a new staffing agency that serves on persons with disabilites!

Abilicorp. http://www.abilicorp.com/about-us/

About Us
Abilicorp matches individuals with disabilities – our Associates – with jobs that best utilize their skills. Based on the fact that we will only obtain contracts from professional Client companies we know to be of good standing, we can guarantee quality placements. As a Client company, one can be assured that the Associates placed at your job site will be highly efficient because our company will provide any support services required. Abilicorp provides these Support Services through unique best practices, Personal Advisors (Abilicorp mentors), and a network of organizations centered on improving the lives of people with disabilities. With these resources, we are able to bring trained and well adjusted workers to any industry.

Abilicorp’s mission is to provide competitive employment and career opportunities to people with disabilities by matching their skills with client needs. Abilicorp has a commitment to achieve superior client satisfaction, focus on the success of people with disabilities and maximize the shareholders return.