Jobs at Stanford

Why Stanford?
Change the world. And yourself.

Stanford University has changed the world, over and over again.

We are one of Silicon Valley’s largest employers – and also one of the most unique. Our mission is to educate future leaders and promote interdisciplinary, world-class research and teaching. This passion makes Stanford an intensely creative, rewarding, and challenging place to work. At the same time, our traditions of respect and collaboration sustain a humane, supportive environment in which to pursue your life and your career.

At Stanford you’ll work with bright, diverse, dedicated people. You’ll find encouragement to learn and grow. You’ll enjoy excellent benefits and an outstanding environment. How will it change you?

Think forward
This is an exciting time for the University, as we focus our incredible research capabilities, broad range of resources, and rich tradition on solving the critical challenges of the future.

At the nexus of medicine, biological sciences, and engineering, the Bio-X initiative seeks a fundamental understanding of life and health. The new Stanford Institute for the Environment brings an interdisciplinary, problem-solving approach to the long-term sustainability of our society. On a more human scale, a major new international initiative will soon focus on peace and security, good governance, and human development.

These and literally hundreds of other initiatives, projects, and groups create an atmosphere bristling with intelligence and energy throughout the University. No matter what you do, it’s an amazing place to be.

Find your path
Among our 9,000+ staff you’ll find research and finance professionals, fund raisers and food service workers, administrative associates and IT professionals – plus a wedding planner and a few golf pros. The range of jobs at Stanford is as diverse as the people who fill them. Whatever your interests, you can find a place here – as well as a path for your professional development.

From classes, training assistance, and tuition reimbursement, to the more informal mentoring of senior staff, Stanford is committed to helping you advance in your career. And our decentralized organization offers unique freedom for people with the vision and initiative to take advantage of the opportunities.

Live in balance
Stanford provides a rich, supportive environment in which to work and grow. We offer highly competitive benefits, including a broad range of options and an aggressive retirement plan match. Our comprehensive commuter programs, including free transit passes for all eligible employees and financial incentives for alternative transportation users, have earned us designation as one of the “Best Workplaces for Commuters” by the EPA. We sustain a healthy balance between work and life, and a pace that is far more humane than in much of the corporate world. Even our inspiring physical space, one of the world’s most beautiful college campuses, is for many people an important aspect of life at Stanford.

Ready for a change?
Stanford University employees make all the difference in the world. We invite you to explore why being part of Stanford is more than just a career — it could be a life-changing experience.