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Check Out This Amazing Blind Pianist, Nobuyuki Tsujii (+ special ticket discount)

Nobuyuki Tsujii at the piano

In anticipation of this summer’s Music Academy at Enchanted Hills in Napa, we’re excited to announce our first concert discount, through the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University. Email wbutler@lighthouse-sf.org for a 25% off coupon to see Nobuyuki Tsujii Friday, May 1 at Green Music Center in Rohnert Park, CA [ticket link].

Here at the LightHouse, we try to steer clear of stereotypes; like, for instance, “blind people play the piano!” That being said, when a blind pianist, especially one as young as Nobuyuki Tsujii, rises to achieve one of the highest honors in the music world, it’s definitely worth celebrating. Tsujii’s prowess at classical piano is literally breathtaking. From pounding études to sensitive, melting nocturnes, he can truly do it all, which is why he took home the gold medal at 2009’s Van Cliburn piano competition in Texas. Since then, he has traveled the world, educating students about both music and blindness. Blind since birth, Tsujii learned to play the piano using braille music (check out our Music Academy for more info on that). Now working at the highest levels, Tsujii has graduated to learning extensive classical works by ear. An article translated on his website from Japanese explains: “Learning a piece of music involves much more than simply memorizing a sequence of notes and dynamic effects. The musician’s mind, ear, and fingers have to master thousands of details, including subtle variations in tone, phrasing, voicing, and the piece’s musical architecture.”

Tomorrow night, May 1, Tsujii will perform Chopin, Beethoven, and other pieces at the beautiful new Green Music Center at Sonoma State University, and if you’d like to buy tickets, we’d like to help! In support of our upcoming Music Academy at Enchanted Hills in Napa, the Green Music Center has offered 25% off for friends of the LightHouse. Just email communications@lighthouse-sf.org and you’ll get back a promo code. If you can’t make the trek, definitely still listen to Tsujii’s performances on YouTube, such as the one below, of him playing a striking étude by Franz Liszt.