A blind traveller confidently exits a BART train with his guide dog.

Transportation and Travel

Please note that items available online are continually being updated. You may wish to contact the LightHouse Information and Resource Center to ensure you have accessed the most recent version of a document. Resources are available at the LightHouse’s San Francisco office in alternative formats (large print, Braille or audio CD). Documents can be ordered at no charge by contacting us at info@lighthouse-sf.org.

For specific information, please review the following links and documents:

Transportation and Travel

  • A Resident’s Guide to Creating Safe and Walkable Communities Includes information, ideas and resources to help residents learn about the issues that affect walking conditions; find ways to address or prevent these problems and promote pedestrian safety.
  • Disabled Traveler Provides information on businesses from around the world that specialize in disability travel.
  • Access Northern California Accessible tourism and recreation in Northern California.
  • San Francisco Access Guide San Francisco tourists and residents can explore accessible places and events in the city.
  • San Francisco Paratransit A nationwide van and taxi program for people unable to use public transit because of a disability or health condition. For contact information outside of San Francisco, call the Information and Resource Center at the LightHouse.

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