An SM7B microphone hangs above the LightHouse logo, next to a map of Civic Center

LightHouse Studios

With expanded facilities, the LightHouse is proud to now offer a podcast and vocal performance studio, available for rental for one-time and recurring sessions. Our new, 40,000 square-foot headquarters at 1155 Market Street in downtown San Francisco is just 15 steps from the Civic Center BART and Muni Station, and affords ample workspace for vocal recording projects of all sizes. This includes individual voice actors, podcast and radio producers, audiobook professionals, as well as any individual looking for professional-grade voice recording.

For shorter projects, our main studio, The Mike Cole Recording Studio, is rentable at standard rates (see below). Those who would like to book an entire day (9a -5p) may do so for a flat fee. We also have smaller rooms available at lower rates for those with their own equipment who simply need an acoustically-isolated space.

Recording Studio Rates

Nonprofit or individual, mission-aligned (blindness content): free

Nonprofit or individual, disability or advocacy field: $25/hr, $150/day

Nonprofit or individual, general interest: $50/hr, $300/day

Corporate, mission-aligned: $100/hr, $400/day

Corporate, non-mission: $300/hr, $1000/day

Prices do not include engineer ($25/hr). Session set-up and file delivery fee is $25.

Clients who wish to make a tax-deductible donation may follow these instructions:

Make check out to:

LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

For: Mike Cole Recording Studio

Mail to:

Finance Department

LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

1155 Market St., 10th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103

Our rates are subject to change based on the size, scope, and frequency of the session. We are a nonprofit organization and are happy to provide low rates to those who help promote our mission to celebrate and support the blindness community.

Equipment and Engineering

All clients must bring their own engineer or demonstrate a basic DAW competency befo


re accessing the LightHouse’s studio facilities. The studio runs through a USB interface which can connect driverless to the in-room Mac or a laptop.

Our studio has 4 Shure SM7B vocal microphones, mounted into a table that can seat 4-5 comfortably. There is a Shoretel digital phone line in-studio, but no IDSN.

To book a session, email or call 415-694-7309.