LightHouse Deputy Director


POSITION: LightHouse Deputy Director

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

STATUS: Exempt

WC CLASS: Clerical


The LightHouse for the Blind is managed by eight directors reporting to the Executive Director/ CEO. The Deputy Director position will assist the CEO by exercising direct supervisorial responsibility over some of the departments now supervised by the CEO. Depending on the skill and experience of the Deputy, up to four Directors may report to this position. Likely departments for supervision include Rehabilitation, Access to Information Services, Community Services and later, Blind Tech Training. The Deputy Director will report to the CEO.

The Deputy Director will assist the CEO in developing and implementing the Board of Director’s 2015 Strategic Plan.


  • Educational attainment of a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Four years of supervisory experience with recent history of supervising a staff of no fewer than ten people.
  • Two years’ experience developing and implementing a budget of not less than $200,000 per year.
  • A minimum of ten years paid employment history with organizations whose primary purpose is the training, rehabilitation and empowerment of blind and visually-impaired people.
  • Professional-level facility with the Microsoft office suite; strong proficiency in Excel required.
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Recent hands-on experience working with the California Department of Rehabilitation in assisting blind individuals to acquire training, tools and skills for employment or independent living.


  • Fluency in braille.
  • Current CPR and first aid certification.
  • Bilingual ability in English and Spanish or Chinese.
  • Strong familiarity with emerging blindness access technology and the changing tech needs of California’s blind and low-vision community.



  • Supervise assigned department directors and evaluate performance of each department.
  • Develop strong management techniques for staff time allocation in order to devote maximum contribution towards the creation and execution of new and expanded programs and services.
  • Provide written narrative, statistical and budgetary reports at the CEO’s request
  • Regularly evaluate effectiveness, relevance and market penetration of all programs supervised by this position.
  • Collaborate with assigned program directors in the development of annual departmental budgets and structuring of programs to maximize effectiveness, attendance, market penetration and student engagement.
  • Direct and collaborate with all assigned directors to ensure compliance with record-keeping and timely billing requirements; develop methods for all directors to easily provide monthly statistical, caseload, and service progress reports.
  • Work with directors to maximize the efficient use of LightHouse personnel and resources for the greatest benefit to the blind and visually-impaired community.
  • Work with all program directors to develop a LightHouse -wide set of connecting practices to ensure wherever blind people enter – the optometric clinic, store, camp, volunteer, community service, employment or rehab – they will be encouraged to take advantage of the many services the LightHouse offers.
  • Work collaboratively with all LightHouse directors to develop new high-engagement programs and short-term intensive residential programs, to be implemented in the new LightHouse headquarters building and other LightHouse locations.
  • Originate, solicit and coordinate development of new, experimental or transformative activities and programs which will help community members to grow in their blindness and gain confidence and self-respect.


  • Work to develop and maintain positive external relationships with consumers, vendors, referral sources and community partners.
  • At the direction of the CEO, represent the LightHouse with community partners, allied organizations, media, donors and government agencies.
  • Identify and collaborate with outside community programs, businesses, technologies and governmental agencies which might serve the blind and visually impaired to maximize full social integration.


  • In the absence of the CEO, chair regular weekly Administrative team and monthly all-staff meetings.
  • At the direction of the CEO, represent LightHouse staff during full Board of Directors and board committee meetings.
  • Assist the CEO in the design and implementation of new LightHouse departments and beneficial agency structural changes.


Please submit cover letter and / or résumé as Word attachments to, including the job title in the subject line; thank you.

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