Rendering of the new accessible fare gate at a BART station with five foot high clear swing doors

Civic Center BART Station to Install New Accessible Fare Gate on Platform Level, Beginning March 22

Rendering of the new accessible fare gate at a BART station with five foot high clear swing doorsAs part of their Safe and Clean plan to reimagine the rider experience, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) will be replacing its more than 700 fare gates systemwide. The new fare gates are taller and stronger to deter fare evasion while improving accessibility and reliability with modern equipment and advanced sensors. The plan is to have all the new fare gates installed systemwide by the end of 2025.
From March 22 through April 5, at Civic Center Station, the stop for the LightHouse San Francisco office, BART will replace the existing accessible fare gate near the elevator on the platform level [where you catch the train]. During these weeks, the elevator will still be open and there will be an accessible path for riders. Much of the work will happen when BART is closed to reduce rider inconvenience and provide a quick and efficient installation. Later this summer, BART will replace all fare gates on the concourse level [the level where you enter the station].

BART’s “Must Tap” Policy During Construction

During construction, riders will not be able to tap their Clipper card at the faregate in front of the elevator on the platform. All riders using the elevator will need to tap in and out of the station at the concourse level.
To leave Civic Center Station:

  1. Riders will exit the train at the platform level.
  2. Take the elevator up to the concourse level.
  3. Go to the Station Agent booth nearest the elevator.
  4. Ask the Station Agent to enter the paid area.
  5. Have the Station Agent tap the rider’s Clipper card at the accessible fare gate to exit.

To enter Civic Center Station:

  1. Riders will be required to tap a Clipper card at the concourse-level accessible fare gate near the Station Agent’s booth closest to the elevator.
  2. Enter through the concourse-level accessible fare gate and take the elevator down to the platform. 

During construction BART will provide an accessible pathway for riders through the construction area.

Benefits of the New Accessible Fare Gates

  • Taller swing barrier gates will deter fare evasion, improve perceptions of safety and remind riders that we all pay to ride
  • Sensors to detect wheelchair users and those with luggage, strollers, or bikes
  • LED lighting to assist visually impaired riders
  • Easier to maintain and reduces servicing downtime

If you have questions, you may contact Bob Franklin, BART Director of Customer Access and Accessibility, at or 510-464-6133.

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