Navigating Campus with the SunuBand from Adaptations

As many of us are heading back to school or back to work after the summer break, there’s no better time to sharpen your independent traveling skills. Whether you are exploring a new campus or commuting to a familiar space, the SunuBand is a super helpful device for any blind, Deafblind, or low vision traveler.
The SunuBand is worn like a watch and contains a small sensor that detects objects within a set distance. Set it to Indoor Mode to detect objects like furniture and doorways at a close distance, and Outdoor Mode extends the detection range to several meters. Simply turn your wrist to aim the sensor. When the unit is quiet, the path is clear—if it begins to vibrate, the user knows they are approaching an obstacle in their way. 
Waiting in line at the campus bookstore? The SunuBand can help you keep your spot in line while still remaining a respectful distance from the person in front of you. The tiny sensor will vibrate to indicate when you are too close, and as the vibration subsides, you’ll be alerted that the line is moving forward.  
Navigating busy streets, sidewalks, and crosswalks has never been easier. The SunuBand will alert you to both moving and still objects in your pathway. It’s a favorite of Orientation & Mobily (O&M) professionals around the world, and it can add a layer of dimension to a blind person’s travel that helps avoid those objects at face-level that our canes miss. The device also pairs seamlessly with a smart phone app, making setting and controlling alerts from the device even easier. Whether you are a cane-user or have a guide dog, the SunuBand is the perfect companion device.
Pick up your SunuBand from Adaptations by ordering online for the unbelievably low price of just $179. You can also call 888-400-8933 or email to have it shipped to you, or to make an appointment to buy it in person. Order yours today before they sell out!

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