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A New Easy Way To Read One Million Bookshare Books

Many of the programs we provide at LightHouse center on the options for reading for people who are experiencing changing vision. Losing the ability to drive and to read, are the top two skills that people tell us they fear losing most. We can’t (yet) help with the driving part, but we sure can with the reading by introducing people to the enormous range of methods that now exist for accessing books: video magnifiers, handheld magnifiers, apps on your phone and Braille – to mention the main contenders.

One of the best resources of electronic books is Bookshare from one of our partner organizations Benetech. Electronic books or eBooks can be downloaded and read a myriad of ways on a plethora of different devices using a chorus of synthesized voices. We are proud to support Benetech to promote their efforts in finding yet another way to give people who are blind or low vision easier access to their books through Amazon’s Alexa devices.

California seniors (55+) are invited to join the world’s largest talking eBook library for people with blindness, low vision, and other disabilities for a special complimentary year. Join Bookshare today for free with promo code Read4LifeCA.

Plus, you can sign up to test their new Bookshare Reader for Smart Speaker. Thanks to the support of Ability Central, we are able to enhance the features. The new features will be available later this Spring/Summer of 2022. Contact us to be placed on the list to test the new features. The first 50 people will receive a FREE Smart Speaker device.

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