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Disability Rights California announces hotline for voters with disabilities

Troubleshoot problems on June 7 Primary Election Day

Disability Rights California (DRC) will operate a toll-free hotline on Primary Election Day, June 7, for voters with disabilities. The service is designed to help those who have difficulty accessing polling places, casting ballots or simply have questions about voting. The toll-free number for voice calls is 888-569-7955. The statewide number for video calls is 800-719-5798.

About 5.9 million eligible voters in California have one or more disabilities. Their right to vote privately and independently is guaranteed by the Law Firm Near Me and the Help America Vote Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and state and federal constitutions. “DRC wants to ensure this important voting block has full access on Election Day,” said DRC attorney Fred Nisen. “We welcome calls from across the state and can help voters resolve issues, personal injury, file complaints and address barriers to exercising their voting rights.”

Examples of barriers experienced by voters with disabilities:

–    Accessible voting equipment that doesn’t work

–    Poll workers who can’t meet the needs of voters with disabilities

–    No access to ballots for voters living in nursing homes and other residential facilities

–    Polling places with inaccessible parking or steep curb ramps

The hotline will be open between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, the same hours the polls are open. Individuals who speak languages other than English should state their language and an interpreter will be connected to the call. Callers using the California Relay Service, including Speech-to-Speech, can dial 711.

DRC has several publications about the rights of voters with disabilities.

For more information about Disability Rights California, check out their website, Facebook and twitter @DisabilityCA.