LightHouse Interpoint: Perspectives from the World’s Best Blind Writers

Interpoint LogoIn recent months LightHouse has been on a mission to reach out and collect work from some of the world’s best blind writers who are blind or have low vision, to bring them all together in one place. In March we introduced Interpoint, our new literary supplement which will publish a fresh perspective on blindness regularly on the LightHouse blog.

“Interpoint,” strictly speaking, is a term used in braille production to describe a two-sided braille page. Both a non-visual marvel and a clever embossing technology, Interpoint represents everything that LightHouse for the Blind stands for and continues to promote — a chance to learn about blindness from both sides.

At LightHouse, we know that blindness cuts across all demographics and all types of life experiences, and it is our aim to show off this wide diversity of points of view in one active forum. To celebrate the launch of LightHouse Interpoint, and in partnership with the lit and culture blog The Toast, we’ve published pieces by four blind women, including our inaugural article, “On Being Who I Am: My Life As a Tall Woman,” from blind Berkeley professor and noted author Georgina Kleege.

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