LightHouse Gets Fit – Come Work Out With Us at Fitness SF

LightHouse staff stand in front of Fitness SF signIn an effort to bring more fitness opportunities to the blind and low vision community, LightHouse is partnering with Fitness SF to make working out easier and accessible for all.

We all know that being active is a vital component to a healthy life. Going to the gym can be one of the easiest ways to incorporate strength, endurance and cardio components into your exercise regime, but the gym can be an uncomfortable place when you are blind. The challenges come from the awkwardness of navigating through a gym crowded with people and exercise equipment. Additionally many exercise machines are based on inaccessible touch screens, and those machines that are more blind-friendly can still be intimidating to a blind person who is unfamiliar with them. While many gyms offer a one-time tour of the facilities for new members, this typically is not enough for a blind person to get comfortable with the layout of the space and the use of the equipment.

Fitness SF, with six locations all over the Bay Area, including one within walking distance of LightHouse headquarters in San Francisco, is truly committed to working with the LightHouse to make their gyms accessible and welcoming to the blind and low vision community. LightHouse students are invited to go to Fitness SF’s mid-market location to get individualized attention to help make their workout safe, accessible, effective and fun!

Director of Community Services Lisamaria Martinez says, “I’m excited to work with Fitness SF. They are dedicated to working with us and truly understanding the needs of blind people who go to the gym. You don’t typically get this type of willingness to work with a blind individual, let alone an entire community of blind people.”

Group personal training is at 4 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. RSVP and membership are required for those sessions. Please contact Amber Sherrard at or (415) 694-7353 for more information about membership and classes.