Adaptations Featured Item: the Braille iPhone User Guide for IOS5 Software

If you are a Braille reader, sit back, relax, close your eyes, and open your mind to the step by step directions of our Braille iPhone Getting Started Manual. With this manual, you don’t need to learn how to use a computer to learn how to use your phone. Just rest your hands on the Braille and “Get Started!” A complete set of directions on how to use your mobile device and much more is intelligently organized into four volumes of interpoint Braille. Braille users will tell you, there just isn’t anything better for referencing information than the hard copy. It’s not every day that a mainstream product offers blind and visually impaired users a fully formatted, highly edited and well-thought-out how-to guide. Great for both beginner and intermediate learners. Educate yourself on the great things everybody says your iPhone can do with this excellent Braille manual from Adaptations.

The LightHouse is the world’s sole authorized producer and distributer of Apple’s Braille User Guides. The User Guide must be Pre-ordered to allow time for embossing. We are selling the Braille iPhone User Guide for IOS5 Software by phone at 1-888-400-8933 or online for $29.95 + tax and shipping.

Good news for iPhone with IOS6 users: We are working on a Braille iPhone User Guide for IOS6 at this writing and should have it available in three or four weeks. Please call the store for updates.