Featured Community Services Classes

It’s springtime at the LightHouse there are a slew of classes and events we can highlight, but here are just two we chose to whet your appetite with. If you’re curious about joining in the fun, please contact Director of Community Services John Liang at jliang@lighthouse-sf.org or 415-694-7334.

Volunteer guitar teacher Chad Carrion instructs student Divina Fontanilla on proper finger positioning

Guitar Class
Are you bored with playing air guitar and willing to try the real thing?In early March we launched our brand-new guitar class for blind and visually impaired musicians. The class is intended for blind learners and will make use of tactile and other techniques that maximize learning pace and proficiency. Volunteer Chad Carrion has been playing guitar for 14 years and has a background in classic and alternative rock styles. He will instruct a small group of beginner and intermediate students on basic chords, chord progressions and how to tune a guitar.

JAM Class
Since February, a group of LightHouse clients have been meeting at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance on the third Saturday of the month to get in touch with their inner JAM at the LightHouse JAM class. Led by a dedicated volunteer staff of professional dancers, blind and low vision dancers turn that spontaneous jam into practice.

The class operates by listening to and following the rhythms, soulfulness, funkiness, histories, memories, and many shades of joy that already live inside our bodies. JAM class does not aim to teach people how to dance, but rather encourages the inherent ability to dance that everyone already has in them. We’re waiting for you to join us in the dance – sign up now.

LightHouse dancers Kaitlyn Westbrook, Ashley Anderson, Nanako Yamada, Shen Kuan and Jamey Gump dancing to their own inner rhythms and funky beats