LightHouse Transit Access Volunteer Day

Are you an expert on a Muni or Samtrans route? We need your help. The LightHouse is developing “strip maps” which will present concise transit information about selected transit routes in Braille and large print. We are looking for volunteers who will ride or drive along selected Muni or Samtrans bus routes, and take notes, taking inventory of things such as:

  • bus stop locations (whether stop is on island or street and if mid-block, nearside corner, far side corner)
  • how stops are identified (sign pole, bench, shelter)
  • turns in the route (e.g. left, right and cardinal direction of travel)
  • intermodal connections and transfer points (e.g. BART station)

We are also looking for individuals who can help with the task of entering this information into our bus route database.

When: Saturday, August 18, 2012, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where: LightHouse San Francisco Headquarters

Come to the LightHouse to help collect transit information that will increase the independence of blind and visually impaired Bay Area residents. The ideal volunteer should be familiar with specific Muni or Samtrans lines. Knowledge of way finding products such as Sendero GPS or Trekker is a plus. Training will be provided prior to the transit excursions.

Those interested in volunteering please contact Frank Welte at 415-694-73663 or email

Overview and Purpose
Maps are an integral aspect of daily life in our society, conveying essential information about the world we live in. Having access to that information is necessary to participate in society and gives people the ability to do what they couldn’t do before: If newly blind or learning a neighborhood from scratch, having access to maps is a real asset. But for blind people, obtaining maps has been difficult and expensive. However, the LightHouse is making significant change in this area by developing accessible transit maps to enhance the ability of blind and visually impaired individuals to effectively use public transit in the Bay Area. We are developing, and will distribute, “strip maps” which will present concise information about selected transit routes in Braille and large print. The strip maps will be developed for BART, Muni, SamTrans and Caltrain routes.

The optimal candidate might be a Bay Area resident who is familiar with specific Muni or Samtrans bus lines, or who is experienced with the use of way finding products, such as Sendero GPS, but anybody who is interested is welcome to help.  Volunteers will be trained prior to their transit excursions.

For more information about this opportunity or to become a volunteer, call Frank Welte at (415) 694-7363 or send Email to