TV Listings and Shopping Ads by Phone

After four years the LightHouse has decided to end its small telephone reader operation in favor of two large telephone reader services. The Sacramento-based “Access News” hosts a myriad of human-read newspapers, magazines, newsletters, grocery and drugstore store ads, and all this with far better user navigation and control than our old system ever did. What’s more, it’s toll-free. See signup details below.

NFB-Newsline currently hosts more than 300 publications including more than 15 California newspapers and also includes a very comprehensive and user-customizable television listing capability. Also see detailed information below.

These two toll-free services are more than duplicative of the old service the LightHouse had operated. They are much more user-friendly, have massive content and are free.  What’s not to like?

Users of the LightHouse system will note its closure as of October 1st.  For further information or personalized help in setting up any new accounts, please feel free to contact Greg Kehret, Director of Access to Information at (415) 694-7349 or

Society for the Blind-Access News

To hear a demonstration call toll free at (800) 665-4667 and enter user code 5555. For Advertisements enter 1 followed by 10 for Grocery Ads or 13 for Drugstore Ads.

Additional information can be found on-line at Society for the Blind.

Sign up as an Access News subscriber by telephone at (916) 732-4010.


To hear a demonstration call toll free at (800) 665-4667, enter user number 000999 and security code 9999. Press 8 to get to TV Listings. The caller then can skip forward or backward from channel to channel by pressing 3 or 1. They can go forward or backward by time by pressing 4 or 6.

Instructions for using NFB-Newsline are available on-line, in large print and audio cassette.

If you are not yet a subscriber sign up now or call NFB toll free at 1-866-504-7300.

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