iPhone User Review: iBart Live

Image: iBART Live user touching an iPhone screen

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by Lisamaria Martinez, LightHouse Public Affairs Coordinator

I have been a BART rider for 11 years. I usually know when trains arrive at certain stations – like the station closest to work or home. But, on occasion, I deal with delays or am at a new BART station and can barely hear the announcements over the roar of trains arriving and departing. What do I do?

Usually, I ask the nearest person what the next train is or what time such-and-such train will arrive. But this doesn’t always work.

I’ve recently purchased an iPhone and have fallen madly in love with its apps, including iBART Live.

For only $3.99 you can download iBART Live, a third-party app that allows iPhone users to check for real-time arrivals and plan trips. While there are other BART-related apps that are free, my experience with this particular app has been worth the cost.

iBART Live includes Trip Planning, Map and Arrival mode features, which each have their pros and cons in terms of accessibility, but overall can make BART travel much more seamless.

One of my favorite features is the Arrival Mode, which tells me when a train is due to arrive at a stop, helping me determine whether I need to run like a madwoman or can nonchalantly stroll.

For a demo of iBART Live features and many other useful iPhone apps, visit our free iPhone Interactive Workshop on May 8th, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at the LightHouse.

Note: You do not need to own an iPhone to participate.

To learn more email lmartinez@lighthouse-sf.org.