Marilee Talkington's performance "Truce" premieres March 17"

Marilee Talkington  is a critically acclaimed actor, writer and director who works in plays, film, multi-media performance, journalism, and sound sculpture.  She is the founder and Artistic Director of Vanguardian  Productions, a Resident Artist of Crowded Fire and earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from the American Conservatory Theatre marking her as one of only two legally blind actors in the country to do so.

Truce  is the story of her vision loss. calls it “Sublimely theatrical, hyper-sensual, and hilarious,
TRUCE is oriented to emotions through sound and touch that might cause a seeing person to marvel”.

The poster above reads Truce and shows  Marilee with the left side of her face showing. The angle is from slightly below chest level, looking up. She is holding her folded cane up at shoulder level, with her hand wrapped around it. We see the grip, the loop and the end with a marshmallow tip. It is a colorful photo and Marilee’s make-up and hair style convey passion

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