Sept. 17 Health Care Reform & Disability Teleconference, The Arc

From The Arc of the US and The Arc of San Francisco

Health Care Reform & Disability Teleconference

The Disability Coalition for Health Care Reform is sponsoring a teleconference entitled “Will health insurance reform mean security and peace of mind for people with disabilities?” on Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 1:00p.m. Central Time.  Speakers include Jason Beloungy of the National Council for Independent Living, Barbara Kornblau, chair of Justice for All Action Network Health Care Committee, Marty Ford and Liz Savage of The Arc and UCP.  The events will include a legislative update, a discussion of proposed key elements that impact people with disabilities, and action that the disability community can take to make sure health care reform happens in a way that increases access and choice for people with disabilities.  To RSVP and receive the call-in information and materials, email and include your name, organization, e-mail and other contact information, and if you need real time captioning or other accommodations.

Alan S. Fox, M.P.A.
Chief Operating Officer
The Arc of San Francisco

2 thoughts on “Sept. 17 Health Care Reform & Disability Teleconference, The Arc”

  1. To whom this may concern ; I am interested in having my voice heard regarding issues on Health Care Reorm for Disabeled citizens. I am often amazed at how legilators forget (convienantly) that Disabeled persons were every day non-disabled citzens prior to becoming disabled.
    I speak for my self when I say the 20 years I spent in middle management working , paying taxes , being an able bodied citizen will not be looked over, dismissed !!! Please let me know when and how to be a part of this meeting. My computer does not show me telepictures so please tell how to be involved.
    Thank You Mr. Phillip Perini

    1. Have you attended a health care forum in your area? For more specific info on advocacy if you are visually impaired, please call the LightHouse Vision Loss Resource Center. 1-888-400-8933

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