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Legacy Giving

Leave LightHouse a Legacy

If you are like many LightHouse supporters, you believe that the LightHouse is the preeminent organization providing training, advocacy and a thriving community for the blind and visually impaired. Whether it’s a family with a blind toddler attending Enchanted Hills or a senior learning skills to remain independent when adjusting to Macular Degeneration, the LightHouse is a beacon of hope and possibility.

Perhaps you have experienced LightHouse programs first-hand or are simply a caring and compassionate community member. By making a bequest or other planned gift, you can acknowledge LightHouse for the Blind in a meaningful way and make a lasting difference for the LightHouse and for your own personal legacy.

What is a bequest?

The term “bequest” refers to a statement in your written will of your wish to provide charitable funding for LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It is also common to provide charitable designations through retirement plans or IRAs, life insurance policies, revocable and irrevocable trusts and government savings bonds. Bequests have played an important role in making LightHouse programming possible since our establishment in 1902. Today bequests account for a major portion of the LightHouse’s endowment and funding, and sustain all aspects of the organizations services.

Over the years, more than 60,000 individuals have donated to the LightHouse in a remarkable testament to the need and quality of our services.

This document provides an example of how you can include a bequest for LightHouse for the Blind in your will.

To learn more about the benefits of different types of planned gifts, read our Planned Giving Guide.

If you have questions or wish to notify us of your intentions to leave the LightHouse or Enchanted Hills Camp a legacy, please contact 415-694-7333 or

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a great way to make a gift and create an income stream for you or a loved one. In exchange for your charitable gift, you or your loved one will receive a fixed annuity for life, part of which may be tax-free. Additionally, you will receive a charitable tax deduction and a potential reduction in gift and estate taxes. The size of the payment is determined at the time the gift is made and will not fluctuate with the financial markets. To learn how a gift annuity might work for you, contact Jennifer Sachs at 415-694-7333 or email

Retirement Plan Contributions

Giving from an IRA can be a tax-efficient and simple way of including the LightHouse in your estate plan. Best practice is to name LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired as a beneficiary on your plan’s beneficiary designation form. This can enable you to avoid high taxation. Most retirement plans are subject to income taxes—and possibly estate taxes—if left to an individual beneficiary; however, a charity that is named as the beneficiary does not pay income or estate taxes on the distribution. In summary the full value of the distribution can be used by the LightHouse, supporting our programs for people who are blind.

It’s easy to name LightHouse for the Blind as a beneficiary. Just obtain a beneficiary designation form from your IRA plan administrator. That form usually asks for the name and address of the beneficiary (LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, 1155 Market Street, Floor 10, San Francisco, CA 94102), and a tax identification number (94-1415317).

LightHouse Legacy Society

Those who remember the LightHouse or Enchanted Hills Camp through a bequest or other planned gift of any size will be recognized as a LightHouse Legacy Society member. LightHouse Legacy Society members will be recognized (if they wish) on the LightHouse web site, in the LightHouse News and on a prominent donor wall in braille and tactile letters.

As the LightHouse grows and serves three times as many members of the blind, visually impaired and deaf-blind community, from small children to elders, your involvement is essential. Our leadership in the field and our ground-breaking programs are possible because of donors like you.

Are you interested in becoming a member in the LightHouse Legacy Society? Or would you like information about including the LightHouse or Enchanted Hills in your Estate Plans? There are many estate planning vehicles to consider. To discuss options or to notify us of your intentions, please contact Jennifer Sachs at 415-694-7333 or

For Estate Planning Professionals: LightHouse Info for Attorneys, Accountants and Financial Advisors

Legacy giving often has significant financial, tax and legal implications that require the council of trained professionals.  LightHouse for the Blind has many attorneys, CPAs; Financial Advisors and other professionals in our community. Although completely independent, we do keep referral lists of professionals for our donors seeking these services. If you would like to be added to the roster or if you are seeking an estate professional, please reach out.

We encourage Professional Advisors with an interest in supporting LightHouse for the Blind to contact us to explore estate planning presentation opportunities which could be beneficial to donors.

LightHouse staff is privileged to provide gift planning support including personalized consultations, and presentations for donors and their financial planners. For more information on the many types of legacy gifts available, please visit our Planned Giving Guide. In all matters related to charitable giving, LightHouse for the Blind believes in a strong donor focus and in doing what is in the best interest of each individual donor. For more information, please contact us:

LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1155 Market Street, Floor 10
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tax ID: 94-1415317
Phone: 415-694-7333
FAX: 415-863-7568