First Round of SAFE Comes to a Great Close! Join Us for the Next Set of Talks–City-Wide!

Last night, June 29th, marked the completion of the Sidewalks Are For Everyone Campaign in the Sunset

Between March 1 and June 30, 2009, 50 presentations were conducted in the Sunset neighborhood on the importance of keeping cars off of the sidewalk. Not only was this a successful neighborhood safety campaign by over half a dozen individuals with disabilities, but our presenters were able to enhance their public speaking skills and community ties by presenting on behalf of the project.

The LightHouse VLRC Coordinator Beth Berenson is to be applauded for bringing speakers and community groups togther for these 50 presentations!

The next round of funding for the SAFE Campaign follows a similar model, however, community presentations will not be limited to the Sunset neighborhood. They will be conducted city-wide. If you have clients or friends who you think might be good public speakers–please have them talk with Beth (415-431-1481,

One thought on “First Round of SAFE Comes to a Great Close! Join Us for the Next Set of Talks–City-Wide!”

  1. Unfortunately, I think that some of the homeowners forgot to attend these. I live in the Sunset and carry a white cane. At least once a day, I find myself tapping into a parked car and am required to step into the street to get around it. I thought about keeping a log with photographs but then I would be so busy, I would never get my regular work done!

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