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Youth PLUG-In: Plug into yourself and the community around you. (online)

Youth PLUG-In: Plug into yourself and the community around you. (online)

May 27

Youth PLUG-In (Professional Learning Under Guidance) is a virtual connection program designed to keep you engaged and motivated during these uncertain and unusual times, as we remain at home and practice social distancing measures to keep ourselves and the community safe. Just because we are geographically separated does not mean the world has to halt. Starting Wednesday, April 1,Youth PLUG-In offers 3 ways for transition-age youth to stay involved and increase your social well-being, pre-employment and transition, and Expanded Core Curriculum skills:

1. Plug-in to an enjoyable and informative weekly social hour, beginning April 1, every Wednesday from 4:00-5:00 PM. Interesting discussions will be hosted around various topics ranging from sharing helpful assistive tech tools, to receiving creative tips on modifying your kitchen to be more accessible, to meeting guest speakers with experience attending (colleges/independent living centers). The possibilities are endless!

2. Plug-in to individualized supports and mentoring. Now is the time to chat with someone about that question or project that has been on your mind. Whether it be delving into college disability services, requesting recommendations, resume review, or mock interviews, we would be glad to listen. If you are interested in sharing your personal goals and receiving support, please contact Ann Wai-Yee Kwong to learn more!

3. Plug-in to helpful resources. Stay active and engaged with weekly emails packed with helpful information about entertainment, health, scholarships, and more, We are all in this together!

Interested? Feel free to contact Ann Wai-Yee Kwong, Transition Program Specialist, at 415-694-7328 or email akwong@lighthouse-sf.org and/or your Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) counselor with questions or suggestions.

Give and take care!

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