All students, customers, visitors and staff are required to wear a mask at all of our sites.

LightHouse will be closed from Wednesday, December 21 through Monday, January 2 for the holidays. 

The week's events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sep 12 Sep 13 Sep 14(2 events)

2:00 pm: Tech Together Online

7:00 pm: College Spaces from Different Places: Starting the new Semester with Success

Sep 15 Sep 16(1 event)

2:00 pm: Tecnología para Todos

Sep 17(2 events)

2:00 pm: CVCL Oreintation

8:00 pm: Reel Escape Audio Description Club: Friday Evening Daredevils

Sep 18(1 event)

7:00 pm: Not So Bored Game Night

The events for the upcoming week are read aloud on our event hotline every Friday, which can be accessed by calling (415)694-7325. For more information about visiting the Adaptations Store, head to our shop page.

The LightHouse is scent-free. Please abstain from wearing colognes, perfumes, or other scented products. Additionally, coffee must be securely lidded at all times and citrus should not be peeled on the premises. Thanks for supporting our efforts to respect chemical sensitivities!