LightHouse will be closed on June 19 for the Juneteenth holiday.

Events in June 2021

  • LightHouse Day!

    LightHouse Day!

    Jun 10

    Its our 119th Anniversary! We are celebrating with author Leona Godin who just recently published "There Plant Eyes, A Personal and Cultural History of Blindness" released by Penguin House.

    "There Plant Eyes probes the ways in which blindness has shaped our ocularcentric culture, challenging deeply ingrained ideas about what it means to be “blind.” For millennia, blind­ness has been used to signify such things as thoughtlessness (“blind faith”), irrationality (“blind rage”), and unconsciousness (“blind evolution”). But at the same time, blind people have been othered as the recipients of special powers as compensation for lost sight (from the poetic gifts of John Milton to the heightened senses of the comic book hero Daredevil)."

    Join us from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. for celebration and special guests. Please RSVP to by June 8, 2021. The first 10 people to sign up will get a box of chocolates from Quail Point Chocolates!

  • Community Bingo Goes Virtual

    Community Bingo Goes Virtual

    Jun 18

    Bingo is back virtually, so break out those accessible bingo cards and enter our virtual game room for all that bingo fun with Enchanted Hills Camp volunteer Annalisa. Come for the bingo excitement, stay for the prize at the end. If you don't have cards, you can order them online at or by phone at 888-400-8933. A limited supply of accessible bingo cards are also available for free loan by contacting Jaclyne Atoigue at or call 415.694.7618 where you can also direct your RSVP and request for Zoom access details.

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The LightHouse is scent-free. Please abstain from wearing colognes, perfumes, or other scented products. Additionally, coffee must be securely lidded at all times and citrus should not be peeled on the premises. Thanks for supporting our efforts to respect chemical sensitivities!

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