Get Moving: O&M for Independent Travel - a 6-week remote course

Get Moving: O&M for Independent Travel - a 6-week remote course

Oct 20

Tuesday and Thursdays, October 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 & 29 and November 3, 5, 10, 12, 17 & 19 from 10:00 a.m. to noon   

This is a comprehensive 6-week 14-class course using Zoom to introduce consumers to foundational Orientation & Mobility concepts, skills, and current technologies for safe, independent travel and for gaining or retaining employment. It’s taught by Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists, Robert Alminana and Jennifer Huey. Participants will meet twice a week for a total instruction time of 28 hours. This total includes two hours of individual pre-class assessment and Zoom procedures, and two hours of individual outside class support.

  • To participate students must have solid internet access and be able to access Zoom via phone and/or video and have computer skills to receive and read articles, watch videos and listen to podcasts. All students should expect weekly homework to be completed prior to class.
  • The 12 essential O&M lessons cover: the benefits of O&M training for travel and employment; overview of sensory, spatial & environmental awareness; orientation strategies and skills; tactile graphics; human guide; protective techniques; long cane basics; outdoor travel; street crossing sequence; intersection analysis; public transportation & trip planning; and introduction to electronic travel devices, GPS & wayfinding technologies.

Who will benefit from the course?

  • Consumers who are blind or low vision who have little or no familiarity with O&M or have had recent vision loss or vision change.
  • Consumers who self-report that they have lost or have not used their O&M skills or are not confident using their learned O&M skills.
  • Consumers who would gain from developing their existing skills with an in-depth O&M training refresher.

How will participants benefit from the course?

  • Participants will acquire strong foundational skills that are critical for safe, independent travel and that a person needs to gain or retain employment.
  • Participants will receive structured, organized instruction that will prepare them for subsequent individualized training with a certified O&M specialist.

How does the course fit in with consumer’s overall O&M training program?

  • This will be the first of two parts in a combined O&M training curriculum.
  • The second part will be an individualized, face-to-face, hands-on learning and practice instruction program.
  • Specific workshops and additional topical classes for in-depth learning and practical application are also available.

This class is frequently sponsored by the California Department of Rehabilitation. Please work with your counselor to arrange for enrollment.  However, if you wish to pay for the class privately, the total fee for this 6-week 14-class course with materials is $1,302.60.

What are the required materials will be needed for the course?  

Students will receive teaching materials at the start of class:

  • Intersection Map Set: $125.00
  • Mixed Bump Dots: $7.60 ($7.00 + 8.50 SF sales tax)
  • Shipping and handling: $15.00
  • Complimentary materials supplied by LightHouse for the Blind: signature guide and hands-free organizing bag called Kanga-Pak

What information should DOR authorizations contain?

  • Only one authorization for both the course and materials will be needed
  • Itemize the cost of the class and materials separately
  • For Course: “Orientation and Mobility Class (Get Moving Course): 14 @ $82.50 = $1,155.00”
  • For Materials: “Materials: $147.60”
  • Total amount: $1,302.60

To register, please have your Department of Rehabilitation Counselor send authorizations to no later than Friday, October 2

Space is limited to ten students. If you have more questions regarding this course, would like an electronic copy of the full curriculum, or if you are unsure if your Consumer is ready for this course, please contact Robert Alminana at or 415-694-7375, or Jennifer Huey at or 415-694-7376.

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