The CEO reports directly to the Board of Directors, which is authorized to have up to 24 members, Historically, the board is split about half and half between blind and sighted members. Blind and visually impaired individuals also constitute 45% of the agency staff. The Senior Director of Operations, Senior Director of Programs, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Director of Finance, Director of Development and Marketing, and Human Resources/Facilities Manager report directly to the CEO. All other directors of programs and services report to the Senior Director of Programs. The Finance Director oversees the financial management of the agency. The Human Resources/Facilities Manager oversees the human resources coordination and administrative management of the agency in its five locations. The Director of Development and Marketing manages a team of individuals who plan and implement all development and marketing activities in the agency’s six locations. The Director of Rehabilitation Services, Director of Access to Information Services and Director of Community Services supervise and coordinate the agency’s direct services.

Financial Control

Financial control of the LightHouse is overseen by the Board’s Finance and Audit Committees, working through the CEO and Director of Finance. All accounting procedures are conducted and coordinated at the San Francisco headquarters. The three-person finance team works closely together to ensure a careful system of checks and balances.

LightHouse Bylaws